About Ayurveda



"Hitahitam Sukham Dukham Aayustsya hitahitam Maanam Ch tachh yatroktam Ayurved S Ucchayate"

This ancient verse defines Ayurveda as the science of life management, which explain's about the principles, diet and lifestyles that are good or bad for life, what leads to a happy or unhappy life and what is the exact span of life, that is known as Ayurveda.

"Samdosha samagnisch samdhatu malkriya Prassnatma indriya man swasth ityabhidhiyate"

Health according to Ayurveda is balance of these tri energies. Their imbalance is the cause of diseases or ill health.

Health is Defined in Ayurveda in the following verse as:-

Perfect balance between physical and mental bio energies, digestive and physiological fires, balanced anabolism, proper excretory functions, blissful soul, senses and mind is health and their imbalance is disease.




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What has to exist, exists, no matter what way the world changes. Any science, that is applicable survives through different generations and flows from one generation to another. Nature has its unique way to make or break a system, and we remain just an onlooker, erased by the passage of time! So Ayurveda is a science which has faced the turmoil of all times and is still emerging as a leading alternative health care system. Ayurveda is the world's oldest science of health care. The written tradition dates back around 5,000 years, but the oral tradition of this science is timeless.


Origin of AyurvedaVeda - Vedic literature is the ancient treasure of knowledge which originated from God himself. God has created this world and has given us a manual in the form of Vedas explaining how this world works. Ayurveda is a manual of life management given by God explaining how to lead a healthy and happy life in every aspect.

Ayur – literally means life span and Ayurveda is knowledge of life. It's God's manual to tell us how to lead a happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous lifestyle, preventing diseases and leading a respectful social life.

Ayurveda is in existence since the existence of life and the universe, as the principles of healing are based on laws of nature which are ageless and eternal. According to Ayurveda all physical matter as well as our body is made up of five elements-Earth, Water, Ether, Air, Fire. The only difference is that our body has a sixth element called Soul and non-living things have only five elements in different ratio and proportion. The working components of these five elements are represented by the three basic physiological humors or the biological 'Tri-energies' doing all the movement, metabolic reactions , providing support and nutrition. These biological tri-energies are called – Vata ( Kinetic Energy) , Pitta ( Thermal Energy) and Kapha (Potential Energy).